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Max Logistics is committed to excellence, improving and building close relationships with new and existing clients. The management teams at Max Logistics are highly qualified personnel with professional qualifications in the Institute of Export, Institute of Freight Professionals, the Institute of Logistics and Transport and the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers. By working together in partnership with our clients Max Logistics provides solutions to give optimum results.

CEO Message

It is being said by all that our world has become a global village and global standards are the parameters of success & development in today’s highly competitive and dynamic environment. The Freight Management arena is no exception either. This industry has grown a lot and has incorporated

The backbone of our company is a self=reliant network of offices as well as air and oceans hubs worldwide. We have a strong presence in Europe, the Americas and the Asia Pacific Region. Value Added Features to its traditional form of Transportation of Goods from seller to buyer. We serve our customers with integrated supply chain solutions that deliver cargo by sea, air and land. Our expertise, value-added services and e-services enable you to streamline the flow of goods.

We also make your supply chain more transparent and easier to manage. At MAX Logistics we have in-depth knowledge of several high-tech markets, including but not limited to agricultural, textiles and automotive products.We also specialise in marine logistics, industrial projects and other niche markets.

We offer services several lines per month calling at Karachi Ports and Bin Qasim.

  • Expeditious shipment turnaround
  • Prompt response to principals
  • Post sailing follow-up
  • FCL and LCL service
  • LCL container consolidation and deconsolidation services
  • Pre-alerts are automatically send to all overseas customers as well as shippers and designated third parties.
  • Our focus on rate negotiation involves key contacts with all carriers .Our goal is a 24 hours turnaround for all ocean rate quote requests.
  • All containers including shipment in process communication with the overseas customer are t racked door to door.
  • Multiple sailings per week and a variety of quality carrier options, consistent Flexibility is our goal.
  • We offer minimal door to door transit time.

Our Amazing Team