MAX Solutions


Project & Special Equipment Handling

  • Project & Special Equipment Handling .
  • Vessel / Air Craft Charter Services .
  • Military Equipment .
  • Military Equipment


  • Advisory.
  • Feasibility-Studies .
  • Feasibility-Studies .
  • Outsourcing .
  • Industry expertise .

Project management

  • Relationship manager.
  • Relationship manager.
  • One window services
  •  One window services

Ship & aircraft charter services

  • URGENT-TO-GO-NOW – Time critical services.
  • URGENT-TO-GO-NOW – Time critical services.
  • Dangerous goods transport.
  • Heavy & outsizes cargo.
  • Humanitarian and relief cargo.
  • On board courier – hand to hand delivery

Boutique warehousing

  • Short term or longer term basis.
  • Distribution services /handling for weekly air.
  • Inbound consolidation services for clients having multiple vendors for one consignee.

Cold Chain Management

  • Special cargo which require temperature controlled handling.
  • Managing products delivery end to end

Transit Security Services

  • Special security support and convoy to move precious cargo

Distribution Value Chain

  • End to end nationwide distribution networks and support

Fairs & Exhibitions

  • Special handing, packaging and shipment of events, fairs or exhibition related equipment, props and exhibits

Customized Pricing Options

Service design may function as a way to inform changes to an existing service or create a new service entirely. The purpose of service design methodologies is to establish best practices for designing services according to both the needs of customers and the competencies and capabilities of service providers.

MAX Textiles & Apparel

We are the No. 1
textiles logistics
provider in Pakistan,
and enjoy more than
25% of US textiles
imports from
Pakistan as market

MAX is specialized
in shipping and
distribution of
merchandise from
Pakistan to USA or

Our team has
capability to handle
the biggest and the
best of the apparel

We possess deep
knowledge and
understanding of the
textiles and apparel
industry. We know
where it is made and
how it needs to be

Supply chain
solutions that
address the
complexities and
dynamic demands of
fashion logistics

We closely follow
fashion, luxury
goods and the
textile industry.

We currently
provide logistics and
services in key
segments as diverse
as footwear,
garments, hanging
garments and
fashion accessories

MAX International